mirror polished stainless steel sheet

mirror polished stainless steel sheet  

Mirror polished stainless steel sheet, bright and clean like a mirror, under Ra0.2, etc,directly depends on the finish.

The current commonly used mirror polishing stainless steel method has the following kinds:

1.Mechanical polishing is to get smooth surface remove the lobe after being polished by cutting and plastic deformation of material surface
2.Chemical polishing is to get smooth surface make surface micro bulge part of the materials in the chemical medium dissolve.
3.Basic principle of electrolytic polishing the same as the chemical polishing, that is, by selectively dissolved material surface tiny bulge, get the surface smooth
4.Ultrasonic polishing,put the workpiece in the abrasive suspension and put in ultrasonic field, rely on the ultrasonic oscillation effect, make the abrasive surface grinding and polishing
5.Polished is rely on high speed of fluid flow of liquid and its carrying abrasive erosion surface polishing
6.Magnetic abrasive polishing is the use of magnetic abrasive in the magnetic field under the action of abrasive brush,doing Grinding workpiece

Among these methods,mechanical mirror polishing stainless steel is the most widely used.

Machinery mirror polishing on the metal material after polishing process (coarse grinding, fine grinding and polishing process (WENDT three-step polishing) so as to achieve smooth and bright like a mirror surface.

1)Polished in order to gain ground surface level off is smooth. At this time there were very fine grinding surface and uniform grinding crack. Polishing is divided into two kinds of coarse grinding and fine grinding.Coarse grinding is to amend the rough surface and irregular shape forming.After coarse grinding of metal surface are now deep grinding crack, need to eliminate in the fine grinding, prepare the way for polishing.

2)The surface of the polishing process is to get the light like a mirror machining process. Most of polishing wheel is used to polish on the surface of parts after repeatedly tiny uneven, gm in coating surface modification.Polishing is the last -- or parts surface coating surface process, its purpose is to eliminate still remain on the surface after polishing process of fine grinding crack. Ideal polished surface should be smooth, shiny, perfect and day relief, pit, metal disrupt the layer as the state of the mirror surface. After grinding and polishing of mill.

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