hot sale price 309L stainless steel wire

Description of 309L stainless steel wire :
the main component of 309L stainless steel wire is 22Cr- 12Ni, which is stainless steel TIG wire. The weld is smooth and smooth. The metal has good mechanical properties, crack resistance and oxidation resistance, and has excellent corrosion resistance.

Application of 309L stainless steel wire:
Used for welding of the same type of stainless steel, stainless steel lining, foreign steel (06Cr19Ni10 and low carbon steel), high Cr, high Mn steel, etc.

Notes for using 309L stainless steel wire for welding:
1. Protective gases: pure Ar; Flow: current at 100~200A time 9~ 14L/min, current at 200~300A time 14~ 18L/min.
2. The outstretched length of tungsten: 3~ 5mm; Arc length: 1~ 3mm.
3. Wind speed limit is less than or equal to 1.0 m/s; The backside of the welding zone is recommended to be protected by argon gas.
4. In welding, the size of welding line energy directly affects the mechanical property and crack resistance of weld metal, and more attention should be paid.
5. Remove rust, moisture, oil and dust from the weld area.

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