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We are hot sale price 309L stainless steel wire supplier.Stainless Steel 309L Wire is a heat resisting stainless – steel with high resistance to oxidisation scaling and has high strength at elevated temperatures.Alloy ER 309L is of similar composition as ER 309 except for the carbon content being lower than 0.03%. This lower carbon content reduces the possibility of intergranular carbide precipitation. This increases the resistance of intergranular corrosion without the use of stabilizers such as columbium (niobium) or titanium. Strength of this low-carbon alloy; however, may not be as great at elevated temperatures as that of the columbium (niobium)-stabilized alloys or ER309. ER 309L is preferred over ER309 for cladding over carbon or low alloy steels, as well as for dissimilar joints that undergo heat treatment.


SS 309L Wire unsullied has smart resistance to oxidisation and will be employed in continuous service up to 1140 Degree C provided reducing sulphur gases don’t seem to be gift. Alloy 309L Wire is utilised for easy fabrication, which could be a high carbon modification developed for increased creep resistance.


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