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Wire rope refers to the structure that is twisted by at least two layers of steel wire or a plurality of strands around a center or a rope core. It is divided into multi strand wire rope and single strand wire rope. stainless steel wire rope refers to the wire rope made of stainless steel material, and its products execute the national standard of GB/T 9944-2015.

Stainless steel wire ropes are classified according to the structure, and their typical structures are: 1x3, 1x7, 1x19, 3x7, 6x7, 6x19 (a), 6x19 (b), 8x19.

Rope core and code:
1. fiber core (natural or synthetic): FC, such as FC stainless steel wire rope.
2. natural fiber core: NF, such as NF stainless steel wire rope.
3. synthetic fiber core: SF, such as SF stainless steel wire rope.
4. metal wire rope core: IWR (or IWRC), such as IWR stainless steel wire rope.
5. metal wire core: IWS, such as IWS stainless steel wire rope.

Stainless steel wire rope has high temperature resistance, anti fatigue performance, breaking force, long service life, durability and other characteristics, widely used in coal, petroleum, metallurgy, chemical, electric power, shipbuilding, bridges, rubber, military, tourism, water conservancy, light industry and other industries, the product can be produced by ISO and BS DIN, ABS, LR, JIS, and other international and foreign advanced standards.

1, in the chemical, chemical fertilizer, chemical fiber and other industries in the equipment reform, the update set up equipment deployment using stainless steel wire rope.
2, the application of stainless steel electrodes and a large number of stainless steel components, springs, adjacent parts, etc., these are used stainless steel wire rope.
3. The hanging rings and hangers on the electric locomotive and power line are all the category of the application of stainless steel wire rope.
4, nylon network used in all walks of life, and now a considerable part of stainless steel wire rope instead.
5, railway electrification, decoration industry, rigging industry, fishing gear industry, automobile and motorcycle industry and other industries.

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