hot sale 301 stainless steel full hard sheet

The 301 stainless steel full hard plate is a kind of austenitic stainless steel. In austenitic stainless steel, 301 is the most easily cold deformation strengthening steel. By cold deformation processing, the strength and hardness can be improved, and can retain sufficient plasticity and toughness. 301 mainly used in cold working conditions to withstand high load, and also want to reduce equipment weight and no rust equipment components.

The chemical composition:
C:≤0.15 ,Si :≤1.0 ,Mn :≤2.0 ,Cr :16.0~18.0 ,Ni :6.0-8.0,S :≤0.03 ,P :≤0.045

The physical property:
Tensile strength:  ≥520MPA
Yield strength: ≥205MPA
Section shrinkage ≥60%

The comparison of 301 stainless steel full hard sheet and 304 stainless steel sheet:
301 (17Cr-7Ni- carbon) material: compared with 304 stainless steel, the content of Cr and Ni is less, the tensile strength and hardness of the cold processing are higher, and the magnetic properties are no magnetic, but there are magnetic properties after cold processing. Use: train, aircraft, conveyor belt, vehicle, bolt, spring, screen.

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