High Quality Of 329 Stainless Round Bar

Stainless steel bars are made of stainless steel ingots that have been hot rolled or forged.

According to the shape, it can be roughly divided into: stainless steel round bar, stainless steel square bar, stainless steel hexagonal bar.

According to the surface treatment, it can be divided into: stainless steel black rod, stainless steel acid white rod, stainless steel bright rod, stainless steel grinding rod.

High Quality Of 329 Stainless Round Bar

Common furnace type for rolling

Several types of furnaces are commonly used. At present, the domestic bar or bar production line uses heat treatment equipment for alloy steel and chrome steel series products: roller hearth furnace (tunnel furnace), trolley furnace, hood furnace, slow cooling pit

Production standards

In terms of stainless steel bar rolling standards, the US, UK, Germany, France, Russia, Japan and international standards are relatively advanced, and the US standard size tolerance is the most stringent. The latest standards for national stainless steel hot-rolled profiles are: ASTMA276 "Standard Specification for Stainless Steel and Heat-Resistant Steel Bars and Profiles"; American ASTM 484/A484M "General Requirements for Stainless Steel and Heat-Resistant Steel Bars, Billets and Forgings"; German DIN17440 "Technical Conditions for Delivery of Stainless Steel Sheet, Hot Rolled Strip, Wire, Drawn Wire, Steel Bar, Forgings and Billet"; Japan JlS64304 "Stainless Steel Rod". In the early 1980s, China combined the standards of the United States, Japan, Germany, the former Soviet Union and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and focused on the Japanese JIS stainless steel rod standards, and formulated the national standard GB1220-92 for stainless steel bars, with reference to foreign countries. The standard has established the national standard GB4356-84 for stainless steel wire rods, which makes the steel series more perfect, and adopts international and international brands such as the United States and Japan. Some stainless steel grades in China correspond to American standard grades, as shown in Table 1. At the same time, it retains the commonly used grades in China, which is basically consistent with the stainless steel grades of developed countries such as the United States, and has greater versatility. Compared with developed countries, the gap between the standards itself has shrunk a lot, but the surface quality and dimensional tolerances are poor, and the difference in physical level is large.

329 steel chemical composition

Carbon C: ≤0.08

Manganese Mn: ≤1.00

Silicon Si: ≤0.75

Chromium Cr: 23.0~28.0

Nickel Ni2: 2.0~5.0

Phosphorus P: ≤0.04

Sulfur S: ≤0.03

Molybdenum Mo: 1.0~2.0

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