high quality 630 stainless steel bar

630 stainless steel bar, is the earliest production of high-carbon steel in Sri Lanka.

Stainless steel bars are made of several grades for different applications. Grade selection depends on, whether the 630 stainless steel bar has a sharp cutting edge as it is possible for the 630 stainless steel bars to withstand impact loads and service conditions encountered in stamping dies such as Ax, pickaxe, and quarrying. In general, the edge temperature according to the intended use is an important determinant of the two compositions and the required heat treatment among other things. Ith is commonly used in stamping dies, metal cutting tools and other applications. 630 stainless steel bars can also be used for special applications such as injection molding because wear resistance is an important criterion that will be used to produce hundreds and thousands kinds of stainless steel bars .

630 stainless steel bar products manufactured conditions: hot forging / hot rolling + annealing / normalizing + tempering / quenching and tempering / and any conditions according to customer requirements.

Surface conditions: scaling (hot finishing) / ground / roughing / finishing / according to customer requirements.

Furnace smelting process: EAF + LF / VD / VOD / ESR / vacuum consumable furnace.

Ultrasound examination: 100% ultrasonic flaw detection of any flaws or according to customer requirements.

630 Stainless Steel Bar have the following typical applications: Forging Die, Forging Die Inserts, Hot Fix Die Death, Hot Nut Tools, Hot-headed Die Brass Forging and Stamping Die and Aluminum Base Mold. 630 Stainless Steel Bar Casting and Extrusion Die , Zinc die-casting mold, extrusion core mold, plastic mold, core, die-casting mold base, hot extrusion die, hot punch, and so on.

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