high quality stainless steel coil grade 321

321 stainless steel coil is a kind of stainless steel material used in aircraft and exhaust pipe, it is with good corrosion resistance.

321 stainless steel coil/strip
Corrosion resistance: 321, 347 and 348 are stainless steel which is made of titanium, niobium, tantalum and niobium. It is suitable to be used as welding component at high temperature. 348 is a kind of stainless steel suitable for nuclear power industry, which has certain restrictions on the amount of tantalum and cobalt.

Characteristics: By adding Ti into 304 stainless steel material to prevent grain boundary corrosion. It is suitable for using at 430 -900 C temperature.

The chemical composition of 321 stainless steel coil:
C :≤0.08, Si:≤1.00, Mn:≤2.00, S :≤0.030, P :≤0.045, Cr:17.00~19.00, Ni:9.00~12.00, Ti:≥5×C%

Physical property:
Tensile strength (MPa):≥520
Yield strength (MPa):≥205

Used in the field of outdoor machines in the industry of chemical, coal and oil which requiring high resistance to grain boundary corrosion, building materials, heat resisting parts, and heat treatment parts, such as:
1. petroleum waste gas combustion pipeline
2. engine exhaust pipe
3. boiler shell, heat exchanger, heating furnace parts
4. boiler pressure vessel
5. chemical transportation truck

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