high quality 316L stainless TIG welding rods

316 stainless steel welding rods can be divided into chromium stainless steel welding rods and chrome-nickel stainless steel welding rods, these two types of electrodes in line with the national standard, according to the national standard GB / T 983-2012 regulations assessment.

Chrome stainless steel has a certain corrosion (oxidative acid, organic acids, cavitation) heat and corrosion resistance. It is often chosen as a power plant, chemical, oil and other equipment materials. But chromium stainless steel generally poor weldability, should pay attention to the welding process, heat treatment conditions and the selection of suitable welding welding rods.

Chrome-nickel stainless steel welding rods with good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, widely used in chemical, fertilizer, petroleum, medical machinery manufacturing. In order to prevent intergranular corrosion due to heating, the welding current should not be too large, about 20% less than the carbon steel welding rods, the arc should not be too long, cold fast between layers, with a narrow bead is appropriate.

316L belong to chrome-nickel stainless steel welding rods.

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