Food Grade Stainless Steel Sheet

  Stainless steel sheet can be divided into hot rolled stainless steel sheet and cold rolled stainless steel sheet.

  Food grade stainless steel sheet is usually cold rolled stainless steel sheet because its’ surface is more suitable, it is normally used in food and sanitation filed, mainly used to produce the food and sanitation machine.

  Stainless steel cold-rolled sheet is a kind of stainless steel sheet produced by cold rolling process. Thin sheet is less than 3mm in thickness.

  The common finish of food grade stainless steel sheet: 2B, brush, no.4

  The standard size of food grade stainless steel sheet: 1220*2440mm, of course we can also customize it as per your requirement

  The material grade of food grade stainless steel sheet: there are many grades of stainless steel sheet such as 200series(201, 202), 300series( 304, 304l, 316, 316l, 321,310s etc.) and 400series(410, 420, 430 etc.), but for food grade stainless steel sheet, we normally use 300series because it has better corrosion resistance, the corrosion resistance of 200series and 400series is not so good.

  Jawaysteel is the manufacturer of food grade stainless steel sheet for 20 years in China, we have big warehouse with more than 2000m2 in which we do processing such as cutting, polishing etc.

Food Grade Stainless Steel Sheet

  We can customize various kinds of size and surface as per your exact requirement. Our materials are from Baosteel, Tisco etc..

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