factory direct sell 321H stainless steel bar

321H stainless steel is a general-purpose steel with good corrosion resistance. 321H has a stabilizing element of Ti.

Chemical composition:
Carbon (C): 0.04~0.10
Silicon (Si): ≤ 0.75%
Manganese (Mn): ≤2.00%
Nickel (Ni): 9~12
Chromium (Cr): 17.0~19.0

321H stainless steel bar is used for building decoration, fuel burner parts, household appliances, appliances components. 321H stainless steel is Ni-Cr-Mo austenitic stainless steel, its performance is very similar to 304. 430LX Adds Ti or Nb to 430 steel to reduce C content and improve workability and weldability.

321H stainless steel bar can be used at different concentrations and temperatures of organic acids and inorganic acids.

Product specifications:

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