Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet

Due to its uniqueness, decorative stainless steel sheet have been widely used in recent years. Nowadays, stainless steel products are widely used for decoration in buildings all over the world, and stainless steel plates have been all the rage. Stainless steel not only has the unique luster and strength of metal, but also has a colorful, long-lasting color. The stainless steel plate not only maintains the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the primary color stainless steel, but also has stronger corrosion resistance than the primary color stainless steel. Therefore, when it came out in the 1970s, it has been widely used in the fields of building materials, chemical industry, automobile, electronics industry and arts and crafts.

Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet

The colorful decorative stainless steel sheet is colorful, and it is a very good decoration material. It is decorated with elegant and luxurious quality. The colorful stainless steel plate also has strong corrosion resistance, high mechanical performance, long-lasting color surface layer, and color Different light angles will produce color changes and other characteristics. The color stainless steel plate and the color surface layer can withstand the temperature of 200 ℃, and the salt spray corrosion resistance is better than ordinary stainless steel. The wear resistance and scratch resistance of the color stainless steel plate are equivalent to that of foil coating. performance. When the colored stainless steel plate is bent at 90℃, the colored layer will not be damaged. It can be used for decoration of hall walls, ceilings, elevator car boards, car box boards, architectural decoration, signboards, etc. Color stainless steel plates are generally used to decorate walls .

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