How to deal with Stainless Steel Rust Surface

People regard the Stainless Steel as a Non-Rusty Material normally. But we Jawaysteel Corporation would like to tell you that it’s our misunderstanding. The Stainless Steel Raw Material is just more corrosion resistance than other raw materials.


In normal environment, Stainless Steel has perfect corrosion resistance, but if the surface cover corrosive material and in the wet environment, it will rust. Therefore, the Stainless Steel Raw Material will rust in sometime.


So how could us to deal with the stainless steel rust surface. Here are few tips to you as follow:


No 1. Cotton, Gloves, Brush, Rust removing paste, Water vinegar. These are the staffs you need to prepare.


No.2. Because the Rust removing paste is corrosive, so need to wear gloves.


No.3. We must scrub the Stainless Steel Raw Material along the lines to avoid inconsistent lines


We Jawaysteel Corporation are happy to share our little tips for Stainless Steel. Any more knowledge and inquiries about the Stainless Steel Raw Material (Like stainless steel Wire, stainless steel Sheet/Plate, stainless steel Pipe /Tube etc) please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re pleased to make the best price/quotation to you.

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