Cr,Ni,Mo have many influence for Stainless Steel Material

As we know stainless steel material contain with Alloying Elements. And every element has different effect.

Today we Jawaysteel Corporation like to discuss the Cr, Ni, Mo elements.


No.1 Cr element

Cr element could form the (FeCr) 2O3 on the surface of the Stainless Steel Material to make Stainless Steel Material have strong passivation and improve the chemical stability.


No.2 Ni element

Ni element could make the Stainless Steel Material have strong toughness and ductility. Moreover, easier to produce, process, and welded. Thirdly, Ni elements lead to the Stainless Steel Material has strong corrosion resistant. And it is used along with Cr elements normally.


No.3 Mo element

It could improve the stability of Stainless Steel when in non-oxidizing media environment and resist the CI ion as well. Furthermore, it could reduce the tenacity of Stainless Steel Material.


The above is our today’s sharing. We Jawaysteel Corporation will introduce more elements effects in Stainless Steel in near future. Any more knowledge and inquiries about the Stainless Steel Material please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re pleased to make the best price/quotation to you.

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