cold rolling stainless steel coil

Cold rolling is to further thin the No. 1 steel sheet to a target thickness under room temperature conditions. Compared with hot-rolled steel plates, cold-rolled steel plates are more accurate in thickness, and have smooth and beautiful surfaces. At the same time, they have various superior mechanical properties, especially in terms of processing properties. Because cold-rolled raw coils are relatively brittle and hard, and not suitable for processing, cold-rolled steel sheets are usually required to be annealed, pickled and surface smoothed before being delivered to customers. The maximum thickness of cold-rolled is 0.1-8.0mm or less. For example, the thickness of cold-rolled steel plate in most factories is less than 4.5mm; the minimum thickness and width are determined according to the equipment capacity of each factory and market demand.

Stainless steel cold-rolled steel plate is a stainless steel steel plate produced by cold-rolling process. The thickness of less than 3mm is a thin plate, and the thickness of more than 3mm is a thick plate. It is used to make corrosion-resistant parts, pipelines, containers, medical equipment, marine equipment, etc. of petroleum and chemical industry. Its classification and designation are as follows:

1. Austenitic steel

In addition to the same as the hot rolled parts (29 kinds), there are: (1) 2Cr13Mn9Ni4 (2) 1Cr17Ni7 (3) 1Cr17Ni8

2. Austenitic-Ferritic steel

In addition to the same as the hot rolled part (2 types), there are: (1) 1Cr18Ni11Si4AlTi (2) 1Cr21Ni5Ti

3. Ferritic steel

Except the same as the hot rolled part (9 kinds), there are also: 00Cr17

4. Martensitic steel

In addition to the same as the hot rolled part (8 types), there are 1Cr17Ni2

5. Precipitation hardening section steel: same as hot rolled part

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