"China Steel Industry: In the Eyes of the World"

WSD& SteelHome: 5th Theme Conference-China Steel Industry: In the Eyes of the World

China steel market showed high production, high inventory and low price level in 2010. The steel price was well above the prior lows, and raw material price remained high all year around. China steel industry saw lower profit margins than any other industries.

International iron ore price will maintain high in 2011. Scrap and coking coal price surge, so global steel mills raise its products price to handle with higher input cost. Meanwhile, China steel production is recovering and steel price continue rising.

World Steel Dynamics and Shanghai SteelHome will host the 5th theme conference “China Steel: In the Eyes of the World”.  

Peter F. Marcus, Managing Partner of WSD, Wu Wenzhang, President of SteelHome will address on the conference and have a discussion with delegates on global steel market development. We are waiting for your participation.

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