cheap price 410 stainless steel sheet with high quality

cheap price 410 stainless steel sheet with high quality  cheap price 410 stainless steel sheet with high quality  

410 stainless steel sheet is a typical martensitics stainless steel with magnetic character. It is heat treatable on quenching and tempering. Usually, 410 sheet is delivery on hardening state for machinable. The Maximum heat resistance temperature is about 600 Celsius. Besides 410 stainless steel sheet, 400 series stainless steel material is also including: 409,420, 430, 441, 440 which are also available for us.

410 stainless steel sheet is about 0.8-1.5 percentage carbon element. For Chromium, it is about 12.5%. According to customer demand, we can adjust chemical components for meeting special requirements. For 410 stainless steel sheet application, It is mainly used as bolt, nut fastener industry.

410 stainless steel sheet mechanical Properties as below:
Tensile Strength:60-75 KSI
Yield Strength:32-42 KSI
Hardness :82 HRB

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