cheap and quality 420 stainless steel round bar

Stainless Steel 420, also name X20Cr13, is a popular Grade in 400 series ferrite stainless steel, has a good Wear resistance and corrosion resistance ability. It is widely used in Precision machinery, bearings, electrical, equipment, instruments, transportation, household appliances, etc.

Dated on 2017/08/07,we had signed a contract with a customer from Iran, to supply 420 stainless steel round bar, at a cheap price. Below is the screenshot for the order. Customers get back these 420 round bars and apply in manufacturer of moulds making. Due to for 420 stainless steel, It has a high carbon which guarantee bars are hard, crisp and straight, so it is a very good material to make for moulds.

There are two variant for 420 stainless steel bar: 420J1 and 420J2. The J1 and J2 defines different carbon composition, like J2 has more carbon than J1, so 420j2 stainless steel is more seen in knife industry, as knife needs more hardness and straightness.

420 stainless steel bar is cheap, compared with 301, 303, 416, 431, these are other best materials to make for knife, moulds etc, they are all free cutting stainless steel, as they are easy to be shaped,machined or processed, also easily to be cut, bend, so 420 stainless steel material is a good materials in knife industry.

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