brushed stainless steel sheet suppliers in china

brushed stainless steel sheet suppliers in china  

Jaway metel corporation is the leading manufacturer and company of Stainless steel sheet/plate suppliers in China.

Jaway as a brushed stainless steel sheet supplier, could supply not only lots of stainless steel sheet/plate, but also stainless steel bar, wire, pipe, tube,rod etc. It can supply 200 series, 300 series and 400 series. 201, 204Cu,304, 310, 316, 316L, 904L are the main grades of our factory with a competitive price.

Stainless steel sheet/plate, which can be divided into hot-rolled and cold-rolled according to the production process and thickness. Its thickness is more then 0.5 mm, it is produced via cold-rolled, hot-rolled.

Any questions about brushed stainless steel sheet suppliers, pls contact with Jaway without hesitation.

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