brushed stainless steel sheet metal

  Brushed stainless steel is a silky texture of stainless steel, which is just a process of stainless steel. The surface is matt, look carefully at the top of the texture, but can not touch it. It is more wear-resistant than the general bright stainless steel, it looks more grade.

  The wire drawing process will lose the thickness of the stainless steel plate to a certain extent, generally 0.1 to 0.2 mm. In addition, because the human body, especially the palm of the hand, has relatively strong oil and sweat secretion, the stainless steel wire drawing plate often leaves a relatively obvious fingerprint by hand, and needs to be scrubbed regularly.


Stainless steel wire drawing surface classification:

  1.brushed straight lines

  Usually, the surface is in a straight line after the mechanical friction of the stainless steel surface is processed. The processing of the wire drawing plate can eliminate the scratches on the surface of the raw material of the stainless steel plate, and also has a good decorative effect. This kind of grain also has a long line and a short line, because this line uses a scouring pad or a stainless steel brush to straighten or short the surface of the plate, and can change the diameter of the steel brush to obtain different thickness lines.

  2.brushed lines

  From the far side, the surface sand pattern is composed of sand circles of one circle and one circle. The vicinity is the irregular pattern, which is ground by the irregular swing of the grinding head up and down, and then electroplated and colored. The surface of this grain is matte and the requirements for fabrication are also high.

brushed stainless steel sheet metal

  3.brushed ripples

   The manufacturing process is to use the axial movement of the upper set of grinding rollers on the brushing machine or the wiping machine, so that the stainless steel surface is polished to obtain a wave pattern.

  4.drawing thread

  The manufacturing process is somewhat characteristic. First, a small motor is used. The shaft is provided with a circular felt, and the small motor is fixed on the table top, and is also at an angle of about 60° to the edge of the table. A pallet is then used to secure the stainless steel sheet, and a polyester film is placed along the edge of the pallet to limit the thread speed. In this way, the linear movement of the felt and the mop can be rotated, and the thread width of the same width can be obtained on the surface of the stainless steel plate.

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