Best Quality and Price 409L Stainless Steel Tube

409L stainless steel has strong resistance to corrosion, high temperature and fatigue, and can realize the life and lightweight of exhaust system components.

Best Quality and Price 409L Stainless Steel Tube


409L high temperature resistance, can achieve high efficiency of the engine and exhaust system, and reduce the exhaust system thickness, can reduce exhaust emissions.


Low cost, good flexibility, high rate of finished products, easy to replace, belongs to the environmental protection of new products.


With excellent corrosion resistance, 409L stainless steel is suitable for extending car life and lightweight cars, and as a recyclable environmental protection material, GM, Ford, Volkswagen, DaimlerChrysler and other major automobile manufacturers use 100% stainless steel in their exhaust systems. The automobile exhaust system will be produced by the automobile engine high temperature, high speed combustion exhaust gas treatment, it out of the car. The main function of the exhaust system is to reduce vibration and noise, and to convert the exhaust into a clean gas after reburning. The automobile exhaust system is the longest part of the automobile parts. The system is able to withstand great temperature changes (-20 ~ 850℃) and high-frequency vibration of high temperature and high speed exhaust gases. Moreover, it is in the most varied and complex environment in the automobile. Recently, due to the increasingly strict environmental protection of automobile exhaust standard, short distance urban driving increases, partly due to the spread of winter snow removal agent, exhaust system using standard is strict, from the Ⅳ Ⅱ - Europe standard, the traditional steel can meet the technical requirements, high-end motorcycle exhaust system has been adopted 409 l material. The amount of 409L stainless steel used per vehicle is 35kgs-65kgs


Chemical composition

Chemical composition of 409L/S40903 stainless steel (mass fraction, %)

Standard steel no. C:0.22; Cr: 11; Ti: 1; N; Nb. Ni; Si; Mn; P; S;

ASTM 409L/S40903 C~ 0.75-0.50 1.00 1.00 0.040 0.030 -

409L/S40903 stainless steel brand comparison: international ISO X2CrTi12; Europe EN x2crti12/1.4512; Japan JIS SUH409L.

Characteristics of 409L/S40903 stainless steel

409L/S40903 steel is ultra-low carbon ferrite stainless steel with good oxidation resistance and good welding performance.


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