What's The Stainless Steel Polish Finish

What's The Stainless Steel Polish Finish  

We are one of the biggest manufacturers specialize for stainless steel products more than 18 years in China. Our products has higher surface degree.

Stainless steel surface is silver, Stainless steel polish finish surface has better corrosion resistance and excellent mechanical properties, stainless steel polish surface has wide application in nowadays, such as, Atomic energy, light industry, solar energy etc.

Stainless steel polish usually two types, one is mechanical polish and another is chemical polish. mechanical polish is the mean, it is use polish method process the not bright surface into bright surface. In order to get smooth and beautiful appearance, we need to deal the stainless steel surface to meet other needs. chemical polish is stainless steel surface is used chemical erosion in chemical. Because of the soft and hard degree is different, it can be divided into rough polish, middle polish and fine polish.

Our company has long history in China, if you are interested in our products, please contact me.

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