Use of stainless steel cold heading wire

  Stainless steel cold heading wire,as its good performance of cold formability,in mechanical processing area,people usually use cold-drawn instead of hot rolling material’s cold cutting processes.Stainless steel cold heading wire is divided into screw use wire and nut use bar.

  Specification:over 1.0mm



  A.Accurate size,tolerance can reach ±0.01mm.

  B.Nice bright surface.

  C.High Anti-corrosion property.High tensile strength and anti-fatigue strength.

  D.It is not easy to appear head-rupture.

  E.Stable composition,pure steel,good condition packing.Competitive price.

  The composition and ratio of stainless steel cold heading wire are:

  0.08%-0.15% C; 0.01%-0.60% Si; 0.02%-0.60% Mn; 0.01%-0.03% P; 0.002%-0.03% S 12%-14% Cr; 0.8%-1.5% Mo remaining Fe.

Use of stainless steel cold heading wire

  The preparation method comprises the following steps:

  performing molten steel smelting according to chemical composition requirements; hot rolling; annealing and pickling to obtain stainless steel disk blank; coating and drying; cold drawing; cleaning and drying with neutral activator; quenching; tempering Coating and drying; drawn into stainless steel cold wire. This high-performance stainless steel cold wire is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with high corrosion resistance, high elasticity and high toughness. The preparation method and process are advanced and simple, and the production cost is low.

  Use of stainless steel cold heading wire:

  Stainless steel cold wire is usually more than 1.0mm in diameter and is commonly used in the manufacture of nuts, screws, washers, brackets, bolts, etc. Copper is added to the raw material, which has good formability; low processing stress; excellent surface quality; good work hardenability, low mold loss rate, low magnetic properties after cold forging, etc.

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