Surface finishes stainless steel sheet

        Due to various uses and application in life, stainless steel plates are also divided into different surfaces finished according to different processes. The most common surfaces are as follows:

        1)2B (Cold Rolled) Surface

        2B surface (A bright, cold-rolled finish) is the most commonly surface for stainless steel sheet. This is can be made through cold-rolled finish that .and the products likes a not clear mirror, with some reflection evident., this type of sheet is used for many fields.

        2)No. 1 (Natural ,hot rolled) Surface



  NO.1 surface stainless steel sheet

 2B surface stainless steel sheet



Mirror surface stainless steel sheet

BA surface stainless steel sheet

        This kind of surface is generally used in the construction industry. Its advantage is that it is more durable, with the same material, and the price is more favorable than other surfaces.


        3)No. 8 (Mirror) surface

        this type sheet like a mirror, and it can reflect the clear products,it is produced by polishing with successively grind ,now it is usually used in cosmetic area and reflectors.

        4)BA (Bright) surface

        This surface is similar to NO.8 mirror surface, but it is not as clear as no.8 . This is obtained by annealing the material under an atmosphere so that scale is not produced on the surface. This results in a highly reflective, mirror-like finish, without further polishing.


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