Stainless steel welding wire series

  Stainless steel welding wire is divided into stainless steel mig and stainless steel tig.Common series are 201/309/309L/316L/308L/308LSi etc.

Stainless steel welding wire series

  Stainless steel MIG welding can achieve high-efficiency welding and easy automation of welding. It is widely used in the fields of surfacing and sheet joining. The chemical composition of MIG welding wire is the same as that of TIG welding wire, but for some stainless steel varieties, there is also a MIG welding wire with higher Si content, such as ER308Si, ER309Si, etc. corresponding to ER308 and ER309 welding wire, because the Si content is as high as 0.8%. The surface tension of the molten metal is reduced, the droplet particles are made finer, and the ejection is more easily realized, so that the arc becomes more stable. At the same time, it can improve the wettability of the molten metal, make the weld bead corrugated beautifully, and it is not easy to produce the lack of penetration, slag inclusion, stomata and other lack of filling. The stainless steel solid wire for submerged arc welding has the same chemical composition as the gas shielded stainless steel wire, but should be equipped with no smelting silicon fluoride or manganese free low silicon high fluorine type smelting flux.

Stainless steel welding wire series

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