Stainless steel weld fittings suppliers

Stainless steel weld fittings suppliers  

The stainless steel weld fittings includes many kinds of products such as welded elbow, welded flange etc.

The different standard for the stainless steel weld fittings from different countries:

1.Chinese standards

GB12459 steel butt welding seamless pipe fittings
GB/T13401 steel plate for welded
GB/T14383 forged steel bearing plug welding pipe fittings
GB/T14626 forging made of steel threaded pipe fittings

2.American standard

ANSI B16.9 factory manufacturing forged stainless stee weld fittings
ASME / ANSI B16.11 bearing in welding and threaded wrot fittings
ASME / ANSI B16.28 steel butt welding of small radius bend and return bend
ASME B16.5 pipe flanges and flanged fittings
ASME / ANSI B16.36 orifice flange
ASME b16.47 large diameter steel flange
MSS SP-43 forged stainless steel for welded
MSS SP-83 socket welding and threaded union
MSS SP-97 socket welding, threaded and butt end of the overall strengthening sockets
ANSI / ASME b36.10 seamless and Welded Steel Pipe
ANSI / ASME b36.19 stainless steel seamless and welded pipe

3.The Japanese standard

B2311 JIS general purpose steel butt welded pipe fittings
B2312 JIS steel butt welded pipe fittings B2313 JIS steel pipe fittings
B2316 JIS steel socket welding pipe fittings
JIS B2302 steel threaded connection fittings
JIS b2220 steel pipe flange
JIS B2201 iron element material pipe flange pressure rating
JIS B2404 pipe valve LAN winding gasket type
JIS g3452 ordinary carbon steel JIS G3454 confined with carbon steel
JIS G3455 confined with carbon steel
JIS G3456 high temperature carbon steel tube
JIS G3457 electric arc welding of carbon steel
JIS G3458 alloy steel
JIS G3459 stainless steel
JIS G3468 electric arc welding of large diameter stainless steel pipe

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