Japan and the United States stainless steel market in this month

    US DOC raises dumping margin on Indian stainless steel bar.The DOC plans to complete this review by July 2012, and the current dumping duty deposit rates will remain in effect until the DOC's final results are published in the Federal Register. The DOC has preliminarily calculated a weighted-average dumping margin of 30.92 percent for Mukand. This compares with Mukand's current dumping duty deposit rate of 21.02 percent. The DOC has assigned Mukand's preliminary margin to Chandan, which also has a current dumping duty deposit rate of 21.02 percent.

    According to statistics released by the Japan’s Ministry of Finance, the country exported 46,327 tonnes of stainless steel flat bar products in January 2012, decreasing by 16.1% MoM and dropping by 28.4% YoY.

    12,169 tonnes of stainless steel flat products were exported to China, declining by 21.6% MoM and 11,539 tonnes were to South Korea, up by 7.5% MoM.

    On Tuesday, the US Department of Commerce announced the preliminary results of its administrative review of stainless steel bar from India.

    The review originally covered several Indian producers/exporters during the period from February 1, 2010 through January 31, 2011. However, the requests for review of a number of these companies were withdrawn, and the only remaining participating companies are Mukand, Ltd. and Chandan Steel Limited.


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