Stainless steel decoration decoration industry high-speed development into fashion

In our country, the stainless steel engineering decoration and home decoration, has a very broad market.

Over the years, the rapid development of China's real estate industry, strong pull architectural decoration industry.

According to expert analysis, the tenth five-year plan period, China's housing decoration increased at a 20% annual growth rate, gross domestic product (GDP) decorative materials, demand is expected to more than 650 this year, billions of yuan, decorative materials accounts for a large proportion, including stainless steel decorative materials and stainless steel decorative products. According to our country housing development plan, and in the next 10 years, every year at least completed residential construction area of 2 million square meters, the area of the urban housing has more than 50 square metre only, there is a need to be decorated the house more than 9000 sets, if coupled with the elements of the original housing is incomplete or model is not reasonable, the housing market and decorative building materials market in the future will be more big, the stainless steel will be very useful.

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