Stainless Steel Spring Wire 400 series

   Jawaysteel corporation is one of biggest factory in China for stainless steel wire,spring wire,binding wire,lashing wire,tiny wire,welding wire etc since 1998.The grade for stainless steel wire can be varied from 201,302,304,316,310 etc,the most common one of 302 stainless steel wire,which is a general purpose stainless alloy typically composed of 18% chromium and 8% nickel.

Stainless Steel Spring Wire 400 series

  Except for these common grade stainless steel spring wire,we can also supply 400 series stainless steel spring wire like 420,430,441,446,431 etc.Production for 400 series spring wire is difference from common grades,the main reason for the chemical composition difference that resulting in greater wasteful materials in 400 series grades.Take 420 spring wire for example,it is with higher carbon and less Nickle less than 1%,so once we cold drawn the wire,the wire from wire rod is easily to be damaged and inconsistent.The shortage in Nickle and other alloy make the wire lacking on resistance and elasticity,the breakage rate is almost 30%.Hence the cost in supplying stainless steel spring wire 400 series is higher,however our company could achieve and supply this type wire like 420,430,416 etc.

Stainless Steel Spring Wire 400 series

   Jawaysteel corporation is an original manufacturer for stainless steel wire,rod,wire rope,wire mesh etc,we welcome any inquiries on these items,which enjoy our good service,competitive prices as well as

  Expericed management and manufacturing on stainless steel wire.

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