Stainless Steel Hydrogen Annealed Wire 200series

  Stainless Steel Hydrogen Annealed Wire is one of the annealing wire we have for production,research as well as exportation.The hydrogen annealing means a method to anneal the wire,to achieve a soft hardness and guided tensile strength for the wire.

  Under the application from a big annealing facility,that stainless steel wire hardness could be reduced and its deformability could be achieved,further,the wire’s strain could be released,finally the wire is very applicable in oil,textile,electronic,nuclear etc.

Stainless Steel Hydrogen Annealed Wire 200series

  200 series stainless steel hydrogen annealed wire covers 201,202,204Cu etc.They belong to Martensite stainless steel with higher content in Manganese which is around 10%,to remove the magnetism and make the steel to be Micromagnetism or zero-magnetism.

  Stainless steel annealed wire is a hot product inside our company.It can be post-used to be binding wire,typing wire,lashing wire etc.As a result of annealing,so the wire has a good softness,grain structure,dedicated surface,anti-fatigue,fine elogation etc.

  The sizes ranges for Stainless Steel Hydrogen Annealed Wire 200series is between 0.05mm to 10mm,any customized sizes could be achieved.

  Besides 200 series,the other common grade and quality we produce for stainless steel hydrogen annealed wire is 304,304L,321,316,316L,310S etc.With the various grade in production,we can satisfy customers any demand in their order and projects etc.

  The packing for the stainless steel annealed wire is usually by bundles,wrapped with pp cloth and then put on the wooden pallets,like the below image.Besides this,we can also make wooden box packing if there is a same request from our customers.

  In all,Stainless Steel Hydrogen Annealed Wire 200series is our advantageous product,with which we have more years experience in production,research as well as for the exportation.If you have any related inquiries,plz let us know @


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