Stainless Steel Bright Annealed Wire

  The bright annealed stainless steel wire is a quality state of ordinary stainless steel wire after high stress state, after stress relief annealing or homogenization annealing treatment.

  Copper and copper alloys are easily oxidized during heat treatment. In order to prevent oxidation and improve the surface quality of the workpiece, it must be annealed in a protective atmosphere or vacuum, so-called bright annealing. Bright annealing is commonly known as bright annealing. After heating and annealing in a confined space, the temperature is slowly lowered in a confined space by at least 500 degrees, and then naturally cooled to have a brightness that does not cause decarburization.

  The protective atmospheres commonly used in the heat treatment of copper and copper alloys are water vapor, ammonia that decomposition, ammonia that incomplete combustion and dehydration, nitrogen, dry hydrogen and partially combusted gas (or other combustible gases), can be selected according to the type of alloy, Ingredients and requirements. Oxidation and decarburization occur in heating and cooling during ordinary annealing, so that heat-treated steel need to undergoes additional processing, which increases metal loss and cost, so bright annealing is often used.

Stainless Steel Bright Annealed Wire

  Purpose and advantages:

  1. Eliminate work hardening and obtain satisfactory metallographic structure. When the performance requirements are different, the requirements for the metallographic structure after bright annealing are different, and the process of bright heat treatment is also different.

  2. Obtain a surface with no oxidation and good corrosion resistance. Since the bright annealing is to heat-treat the steel wire under a mixed gas atmosphere of hydrogen and nitrogen, an oxidation-free surface is obtained by strictly controlling the protective atmosphere in the furnace, particularly purity, residual oxygen and dew point.

  3. The bright treatment maintains the smoothness of the rolled surface.

  4. Bright annealing does not have pollution problems which caused by ordinary pickling methods

  The annealed stainless steel wire has the following characteristics:

  ????1. The surface is clean and bright, no oil, no oxidized color (black wire).

  2. Moderate hardness and excellent processability.

  3. The internal organization is uniform, with better mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

  The above brief introduction hopes to help you better know the stainless steel bright annealed wire.

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