Single strand stainless steel bright wire

  Jawaysteel corporation is well known for stainless steel wire in good quality,on time delivery as well as ensured good quality.We started stainless steel wire business since 1998,which to be our traditional industry,and till now,stainless steel wire play a very important for our sales turn over,home and abroad.

  The stainless steel wire could be divided into bright wire,type wire,spring wire,welding wire,lashing wire,binding wire as well as tiny wire.The structurer could be single strand wire,wire rope under a few strands etc.Reference on single strand stainless steel bright wire,we exported more than 100 tons same wire to Peru per year,one of our most valuable customers who are in the industry of cable in their local.Their repeated order is like:SS304 Stainless Steel Bright Wire,under single strand,diameter is 1.14mm,quantity is 100 tons shipping by 4x40ft containers.Customer has a special demand on wire’s package,such as the roll’s OD should be 12.5cm,ID should be 50cm,weight per roll is 2.95kgs.Each data should be followed very seriously and under profession.If we fail to satisfy any one request,all the cargos shall be dined,so customers demand for the wire is very high.

Single strand stainless steel bright wire

  However Under our fruitful experience and professional attitude in production,we are proud to tell we fulfill each order so well that customer never has a claim.We will go on ensuring a very good quality in order to proceed that long term business with the customer.

  In compare with single strand stainless steel wire,we also produce multi-strands stainless steel wire,which is also named to stainless steel wire rope,a rope that is composed with a few wire strands and tied together to have a very good tensile strength.The rope’s structure could be 1x7,1x19,7x7,7x19 etc,diameter could be ranged from 0.5mm to 10mm,suitable for various application on construction,sealed container,bridge,crane,lift,building etc.

  If any customer has request for single stainless steel wire,or multi-strands bright wire rope,please send inquiry to,Mr.West, or send text message to +86 182-1701305,any of your inquiries shall be responded 2 hours within.

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