Sheet metal coil suppliers in China

        Jaway Metal is a supplier from China, high quality sheet metal coils, all stainless steel, carbon steel and galvanized coils could be offered. Metal sheets in coil form are flat products wound into rolls and having a rectangular cross-section, the width of which is much larger than the thickness.

        Hot-rolled sheet in coil form is produced from semifinished products (slabs or billets), which are reduced to certain thicknesses by rolling and annealing and wound into a roll.

        Cold-rolled sheet in coil form is produced by removing rust from hot-rolled sheet by ‘’pickling“ it in a weak acid solution, then washing, brushing, drying, oiling and unrolling the sheet and finally performing cold-rolling by passing the sheet through a reducing mill under pressure and winding it into a roll. Cold-rolled steel is a more highly finished product and has a smoother surface, greater dimensional accuracy (thickness, width, length) and greater strength.

        Jaway Metal as supplier who export sheet metal coils for many years, has large stock and prime quality goods. If you are interested in sheet metal coils welcome to talk

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