SUS 316N stainless steel sheet from China supplier

SUS 316N stainless steel sheet from China supplier  SUS 316N stainless steel sheet from China supplier  

316N corresponds to the Chinese grade is 0Cr17Ni12Mo2N, 316N is added in the 316 steel N, in the inhibition of elongation at the same time improve the strength, there is the effect of reducing the thickness of the material. 316N stainless steel is a high-strength material with excellent corrosion resistance.

JIS G4303 SUS 316N Stainless steel is a kind of Austenitic Stainless Steel material. The chemical composition is :

Jaway steel can supply shipbuilding steel sheet,weathering resistant steel,stainless steel,steel pipe,special material steel and other kinds of medium plate on the basis of our rich steel resources.

The production process of SUS 316N stainless steel sheet we offered are: Hot rolled , cold rolled, annealing, pickling, cutting edge.

Annealing: SUS 316N Stainless steel is heated to the appropriate temperature, then cooled slowly according to SUS 316N Stainless steel dimensions using different soaking time. The purpose is to make the internal organization of SUS 316N Stainless steel close to equilibrium state, get a good process performance and the using performance.

SUS 316N stainless steel sheet is one of mainly products of jaway steel. We have registered a large number of ex-stock. If you require SUS 316N Stainless steel, we can send goods to you immediately. So, if you are interested in SUS 316N Stainless steel, please contact us freely.

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