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SS400 carbon steel manufacturers is a marking method of Japanese steel material and a judging standard, which is equivalent to domestic Q235 steel (also known as A3 steel). Structural steels of foreign standards are often classified in terms of tensile strength. For example, SS400 (as indicated in Japan), where 400 is the minimum of 400 Mpa of sigma b.Sample in the process of drawing, material into the strengthening phase after the yield stage, with significant reduction, tensile transverse section size of specimen in the process of length before the most energetically (Fb), divided by the sample of the original cross-sectional area (So) stress (sigma), referred to as tensile strength or ultimate strength (sigma b), units of N/was (MPa). It represents the maximum resistance of a metal material to damage under tension.

When the steel yield to a certain extent, due to the rearrangement of internal grains, its resistance to deformation is improved again. At this time, although the deformation develops rapidly, it can only increase with the increase of stress until the maximum stress is reached. After that, the steel's resistance to deformation is significantly reduced, and a large plastic deformation occurs at the weakest point, where the section of the specimen rapidly shrinks and necking occurs until fracture failure. The maximum stress value of steel before tensile fracture is called strength limit or tensile strength.

SS400 carbon steel manufacturers is basically equivalent to Q235(equivalent to Q235A) in China. However, there are some differences in specific indicators. The content of C, Si, Mn, S, P and other elements in Q235 is required, but SS400 only requires S and P to be less than 0.050. The yield point of Q235 is greater than 235 MPa, while SS400 is 245MPa. SS400 (steel for general structure) means steel for general structure with tensile strength greater than 400MPa. Q235 means ordinary carbon structural steel with yield point greater than 235MPa. The standard number of SS400 is JIS G3101. The standard number of Q235 is GB/T700.

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