Quality Products 321 Stainless Steel Bar

Quality Products 321 Stainless Steel Bar  

Recently,our company signed a new contract with an old customer from Ukraine for AISI321 Stainless steel bar,please see below lists and weight for the order.The customer Shall order 4 times at least per year from us,since they are the one of biggest trader and stockholder in Ukraine,so our business has been expanded by a larger scale gradually.Now we dealt not only with stainless steel bar but also for wire,rod,plate as well as tube,mostly the materials Grade is AISI321.Hereby we want to share more news for good quality products 321 stainless steel bar.

321 stainless steel is Ni-Cr-Ti type austenitic stainless steel,its performance is very similar to 304 except the adding of Titanium,because of the addition of titanium,it has a better resistance to grain boundary corrosion and high temperature strength.In USA,it is called as 321,S32100 andTP321,however in China or Russia,we call it to be 0Cr18Ni10Ti.

Function of Titanium:
The obvious difference between 304 and 321 is for Titanium.The Ti element,to be a stabilizing element,it can control better in terms of Abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, creep resistance etc.Due to adding of Titanium in 321 by 5(C+N) to 0.7%,so 321 works better than 304 in above aspects.We did some research and found 321 stainless steel is used widely in Russia,Ukraine and North Europe.The reason for this is in these countries,the climate and weather temperature changes much during day and night,summer and winter.By virtue of adding of Ti element and enough containing of Nickle 9% and Chromium 18%,321 could overcome this than 304,because 321 is more solid and stabilizing to suit for big change in temperature and environment.

Application for Quality Products 321 Stainless Steel Bar:
AISI321 has a very wide application in the field of corrosion resistance of grain boundary corrosion chemical,coal,oil machinery, building materials and heat-resistant,Petroleum exhaust gas combustion pipeline,Boiler shell,heat device,heating furnace components etc.

Our project order for your ref.
You can check one of order list that one of our old buyers purchased the 321 Stainless Steel Bar from us.We’d like to be your reliable and trustful original supplier and manufacturer for stainless steel 321 bars.

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