Q235 MS steel plate

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MS steel plate:

A kind of material with a large amount of steel plate is divided into ordinary low carbon steel plate and special steel plate, including low alloy high strength steel and corrosion resistant and heat resistant laminated steel plate. Ordinary low-carbon steel sheets are divided into cold rolling and hot rolling. Cold-rolled steel sheets have good surface quality and precise thickness, and are mostly used for manufacturing bodies. Hot rolled sheets are mostly used to make frames and the like.

Q235 ordinary carbon structural steel is also called A3 board.

Ordinary carbon structural steel - the general plate is a material of steel.

Q235 MS steel plate

Q represents the yield limit of this material, and the latter 235 refers to the yield value of this material, which is around 235 MPa. And the yield value decreases with the increase of the thickness of the material (plate thickness / diameter ≤ 16mm, yield strength is 235MPa; 

16mm < plate thickness / diameter ≤ 40mm, yield strength is 225MPa; 

40mm < plate thickness / diameter ≤ 60mm, yield strength is 215MPa; 

60mm < plate thickness / diameter ≤ 100mm, yield strength is 205MPa; 

100mm < plate thickness / diameter ≤ 150mm, yield strength is 195MPa; 

150mm < plate thickness / diameter ≤ 200mm, yield strength is 185MPa). 

Due to the moderate carbon content, the comprehensive performance is better, and the properties such as strength, plasticity and welding are better matched and the most widely used.


Q235 MS steel plate Application:

1. A large number of applications in construction and engineering structures. It is used to make steel bars or build factory buildings, high-voltage transmission towers, bridges, vehicles, boilers, containers, ships, etc., and is also used as a mechanical part that does not require high performance. C, D grade steel can also be used for some professional steel.

2.Can be used for a variety of mold handles and other non-important mold parts.

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