Prime Quality 430 Stainless Steel Coil

430 stainless steel coil and strip is very common and popular among 400 series stainless steel. It is a good universal corrosion resistance of steel with better thermal conductivity than the austenite steel like 304 etc.With adding of Ti,430 stainless steel has a good mechanical properties as well as welding ability.In addition,430 stainless steel is shiny by nature,and we can polish them to be more bright by polishing machine.Base on all these,430 stainless steel coils,sheets and strips are a very suitable materials to make for home furnishing,knife,decoration,household appliances etc.

Below is the chemical composition for SS430.Due to without adding of main alloy,it enjoys low prices and costs.

1) Chemical composition for 430 stainless steel coils:
Carbon (C): ≤ 0.12%
Silicon (Si): ≤ 0.75%
Manganese (Mn): ≤1.00%
Phosphorus (P): ≤ 0.040%
Sulfur (S): ≤ 0.030%
Nickel (Ni): ≤ 0.60% (may contain)
Chromium (Cr): 16.00 to 18.00%
Then,it is the physical properity for 430 SS Coil.

2) Physical properity for 430 stainless steel coil
Density: 7.75 g / cm & lt; 3 & gt;
Melting point: 1427 ° C
Expansion coefficient: mm / ℃ (at 20-100 ℃)
Young's modulus: kN / mm &
Rigid Modulus: kN / mm &
Applicable standards: n / a (UNS)

3)A recent order of 430 Stainless steel coils to Peru

Our customers use above SS430 Coils to make for pot,pan as well as other household materials.We had confirmed deals with them for nearly each month 100 tons qty.Customers like our good quality,as we get enough qty of mother coils stocks from Tisco,and then our prices are very good,as we always gain less profits but to export more qty and bring our customers and partners more gains.
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