Precision Ground Stainless Steel Sheet

Precision Ground Stainless Steel Sheet  

We,Jawaysteel Corporation,is one of biggest supplier and manufacturer for stainless steel sheets in all kinds since from 1998,we have furnished advanced rolling facility,smeting furnace of AOD and VOD,as well as cutting machines imported from Germany and Taiwan.

Regarding Precision Ground Stainless Steel Sheet,we are Using a CRC with 20 times min.cold rolling on the sheets or stripe,to see a smooth surface, high precision, small deviation, excellent mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, etc . Besides,our Precision Ground Stainless Steel Sheet governs Fatigue elasticity toughness, its two edges are removing its blurs,pins etc,and it is very mooth and without not paddlers.

Regarding hardness in the precision stainless steel sheet,our available are 1 / 2H, 3 / 4H, FULL HARD, EH, DY, BY, minimum hardness 180HV, the maximum hardness 600HV. Our good quality of precision cutting ground sheets could pass any inspection and testing from SGS,BV,TUV etc in any restrictive way.

Application for Precision Ground Stainless Steel Sheet is so wide,like computer connector, headset, car charger, cell phones, auto parts, chargers, cameras, sophisticated electronics, air conditioner switch, cylinder head gasket, spring, etc .

If you have demends for Precision Ground Stainless Steel Sheet,Please call our sales or write email any time to to ask for a very professional answer and good quotation.

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