PPGI Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coils

  PPGI’s full description is prepainted galvanized iron,also being named like pre-coated steel coil,coil coated steel,or coloured steel etc.The PPGI is composed by the inside base steel coil or sheet,and the outside coating like Nickle,Aluminum or the Galvanizing etc.PPGI is a product in which its surface is processing by chemical treatment (degreasing,phosphating,chromic hydrochloric or acid passivation),after the surface treatment,some coating materials are spreading on.Finally after a series of heat treatment and baking,then the final materials are seen.

PPGI Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coils

  Application:Widely used in construction, building,automobile,home appliances, furniture, public facilities and transportation.

  Advantages:PPGI’s surface is very hard to turn grey or lost of nature colour.The coating adhere strong the materials and resist well to the reaction from air,water etc.

  It has a very good mechanical strength and easy forming properity,people could recycle,post-process them under a long term basis.Besides,the PPGI is a very good material for decoration and corrosion resistance industry.

  Economy: With the relatively easy working technology and cheap raw materials,the prepainted galvanized steel coils becoming a very important alternative materials for other expensive materials like aluminum coils,stainless steel coils.Like many manufacturing company should some metal coils for their facilities,however considering from economy they prefer to use PPGI,rather than aluminum or stainless steel.The later ones prices are higher much than the PPGI,moreover,the production volume in PPGI is much more than other materials.

  Export experience:PPGI prepainted galvanized steel coils occupy nearly 1/5 of our annual exporting quantity,we exported more than 10,000 tons PPGI and other galvanized materials to Brasil,Mexico,Brasil,Australia,Turkey,Korea,Africa etc.

  The standard sizes for prepainted galvanized steel coils is thickness ranges from 0.12mm to 1.0mm,width is from 500mm to 1250mm,our month production capacity is more then 3000 tons.

  Any inquiries regarding PPGI prepainted galvanized steel coils,please write email to 805@jawaysteel.com,to have a very good price and service,thanks a lot.

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