Nickel-based alloys

Nickel-based alloy refers to a class of alloy at 650 ~ 1000 ℃ high temperature high strength and corrosion certain antioxidant capacity overall performance.According to the main performance subdivided into nickel-based heat-resistant alloys, nickel-based corrosion resistant alloys, nickel-based wear-resistant alloys, nickel-based alloys and nickel-based precision shape memory alloys. Super alloy according to different matrix, divided into: iron-based super alloys, nickel-based super alloy and cobalt-based super alloys. Wherein the nickel-base super alloy referred to nickel-based alloys.

Representative material nickel-based alloys:

1.Incoloy alloys such as Incoloy 800, the main component; 32Ni-21Cr-Ti, Al; belong to heat-resistant alloys;

2.Inconel alloys, such as Inconel 600, the main component; 73 Ni-15Cr-Ti, Al; belong to heat-resistant alloys;

3.Hastelloy alloys, ie Hastelloy, such as Hastelloy C-276, the main component; 56Ni-16Cr-16Mo-4W; belong corrosion resistant alloy;

4.Monel alloys, namely Monel, Monel 400, for example, the main component; 65Ni-34Cu; belong corrosion resistant alloy;

The main alloying elements are chromium, tungsten, molybdenum, cobalt, aluminum, titanium, boron, zirconium and the like. Wherein Cr, Ai and other major plays antioxidant effects, other elements have solid solution strengthening, precipitation strengthening and grain boundary strengthening effect.

At 650 ~ 1000 ℃ high temperature high strength and corrosion certain antioxidant capacity, due to the sufficiently high temperature strength and corrosion antioxidant capacity, so commonly used in the manufacture of the aero-engine blades and rocket engines, nuclear reactors, energy conversion devices high temperature components.

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