Jawaysteel reports new chromium-free alloy for welders

Jawaysteel reports new chromium-free alloy for welders

Gerald Frankel and John Lippold, professors of materials science and engineering at Ohio State, determined that while all stainless steels contain chromium, the consumable alloy that joins stainless steel parts together does not have to contain the metal. The result of this decision is a new alloy that essentially eliminates hexavalent chromium in the welding fumes. Ohio State University has three issued US patents and a pending European patent application covering a series of alloys, based on nickel and copper but with no chromium, all of which are suitable for standard welding equipment. The new alloy is costly, estimated at 5 to 10 times more than standard welding consumables, depending on metal prices. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration currently impose limits on workers' exposure to hexavalent chromium in welding fumes, which affect welders and their surrounding coworkers. In order to reduce exposure to the toxic fumes, extreme ventilation or use of a chromium-free consumable is necessary.

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