Introduction of electric galvanizing

Today we Jawaysteel Corporation like to introduce electric galvanizing which is quite normal galvanizing method.

The electric galvanizing divided into four parts normally as below:

Cyanide Zinc plating. With this process plating, the quality is good. Especially using in the color plated after passivation.

Zinc acid salt zinc plating. This process is evolved from cyanide zinc have a good corrosion resistance, used in color galvanized normally.

Chloride zinc plating. This process is widely used in electroplating industry, as high as 40% proportion. After passivation, it could be as same as zinc and chromium.

Sulfate zinc plating. This process is used for continuous plating (wire, strip, simple, coarse and large parts), lowest cost.

Technological process as follow for your reference:

Chemical removal of oil-hot water washing-water washing-electrolysis removing oil-hot water washing-washing-strong corrosion-washing-electro galvanized iron alloy-washing-washing-passivation-washing and drying.

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