Influenced by Ni market, the price of stainless steel fell continiously

Recently the price of Ni fell greatly,  the demand for nickel in the doldrums, while the inventory remains high, if the relationship between supply and demand of market has not been improved, the nickel market is difficult to usher in real rebound. Influenced by the Ni market, the pirce of stainless steel continues to fall today, currently the price of 304 cold-rolled and hot rolled  stainless steel coil is lowered again, current market prices are as below:  

[TISCO 304 cold rolled] the mainstream market price is about 2145USD / ton, [Zhang Pu 304 cold rolled] mainstream market price is about 2160USD / ton, [Jiu Gang 304 cold rolled] mainstream benchmark price is about 2140USD/ ton, [Dongte 304 hot rolled stainless steel coil] mainstream market price is about 1990USD/ ton, [TISCO 304 hot-rolled] mainstream market price is about 2090USD/ ton. 

Although the macro market of stainless steel fell down recently, but Jawaysteel still keep its’stable development in the market. We still have unique advantage in the stainless steel bar, wire, plate, sheet/coil etc. And the demand peak season is coming soon, we believe that the stainless steel market will recover accordingly in the near future.

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