Industrial Stainless Steel Tube Manufacturer

Industrial Stainless Steel Tube Manufacturer  

Stainless steel tube,can be divided into welded,seamless and capillary tube considering from production technology and method.However if we consider from application,stainless steel tube can be divided into decorative tube,industrial tube,chemical used tube etc.

Hereby we are talking about industrial stainless steel tube,we Jawaysteel Corporation is one of biggest suppliers and manufacturers for industry stainless steel tube.By 2000,we imported advanced sheets rolling machine,pipes welding machine and inspection device for eddy test and hydrostatic test etc from Taiwan and Germany.Now we have 2 complete production line for tube.

We are a solid industrial stainless steel tube manufacturer.Regarding the industrial tube,it is different from what we always see in our diary life,decorative tube like handrail,lift and elevator,hotel mirror,car brand logo etc.However due to special application,so the industrial tube is always used in heat exchangers, Food hygiene pipes, Drinking water pipes, Liquid conveying pipes,flange making,hardware making,moulds,connectors etc.

Recently we signed one new contract with one buyer from Ukraine,the project is for 120 tons stainless steel tubes,tubes size is 4x80x6000mm,4mm is for wall thickness,80mm is for outer diameter and length is 6 meters,being loaded and shipped by 5x40 GP containers.Each 5 pieces tubes shall be packed by plastic bags and 10 bags are put into the wooden boxes to have a good condition in packing and shipping.They purchase our tubes to make heat exchangers,this is the 3rd order we repeated with them.

We always supply our customers with good quality stainless steel tubes.If you have same or similar inquiries for industrial stainless steel tube,please feel free to contact us,thanks a lot.

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