Hot Sale Price 329 Stainless Steel Round Bar

329 stainless steel round bar is produced according to ASTM standard.

Its application is below: Foodstuff, biology, electron, chemical, gas, metallurgy, construction field, ships building industry,petroleum, machinery and hardware fields and medical equipment, boilers, nuclear, energy, boiler heat exchanger, fertilizer, etc.

329 stainless steel round bar is equivalent to Chinese stainless steel bar, it contains carbon 0.03%, which is produced by ASTM. It’s very popular because of high-quality and reasonable prices.

329 Characteristics: good stainless steel used for steam turbine blades and high stress parts.

Chemical composition of 329 Stainless steel is below:
C: ≤0.15
Si: ≤0.50
Mn: ≤1.00
P: ≤0.035
S: ≤0.030
Cr: 11.50~13.090

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