High Quality Q235B Steel Plate

Q235B steel plate is a kind of low carbon steel.The national standard GB/T 700-2006. carbon structural steel has a clear definition. Q235B is one of the most common steels in China, which is low in price and qualified for most products with low performance requirements.

Material: Q235B steel plate

Thickness: 2mm-300mm

Width: 1250mm-2200mm

Length: 2500mm-11000mm

Chemical composition     

Carbon C: 0.20 or less
Si Si: 0.30 or less
Manganese Mn: 0.30 ~ 0.70
S: sulfur 0.045 or less
P P: 0.045 or less
Cr: allowable residual content 0.30
Nickel Ni: allowable residual content 0.30
Copper Cu: allowable residual content 0.30
Note: deoxygenation methods :F, b, Z

Mechanical properties

Yield strength: 16mm: 235
16-40: p. 225
40-100-215 or higher
A 100-150:195 or more
A 150-200:185 or more.
Tensile strength: 370 -- 500.
Impact test: temperature: 20 ℃ : 27 or higher


composed of Q+ number + quality grade symbol + deoxidation method symbol. Its steel number is written with "Q", which is the yield point of the steel. The following number is the yield point value. The unit is MPa. When necessary, the steel number can be marked after the symbol of the quality grade and deoxidation method. The quality grade symbols are A, B, C and D. Symbol for deoxidization method: F for rimming steel; B stands for semi-killed steel; Z stands for killed steel; TZ means special killed steel, killed steel may not mark symbol, that is, Z and TZ may not mark. For example, q235-af stands for class A rimmed steel. Special purpose of carbon steel, such as bridge steel, Marine steel, etc., basically use the carbon structure steel, but in the steel number at the end of the letter to express the purpose.

Q235B has a certain elongation, strength, good toughness and casting, easy to stamping and welding, widely used in the manufacture of general mechanical parts. It is mainly used for welding structural parts with high quality requirements in construction and bridge engineering.

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