Galvanized steel bar

  Galvanized steel bar is a solid circular section. The specifications are expressed in millimeters in diameter, such as "50", which means the round steel with a diameter of 50 mm.

  Grade of Galvanized steel bar:


  Chemical composition of Galvanized steel bar:

  C 0.42-0.50

  Si 0.17-0.37

  Mn 0.50-0.80

  Cr no more than 0.25

  Ni no more than 0.30

  Cu no more than 0.25

  Mechanical properties Galvanized steel bar:

  1)Tensile strength not less than 600Mpa

  2)Yield strength not less than 355Mpa

  3)the elongation not less than 16

  4)reduction of area not less than 40%

  5)the impact energy not less than 31J

  The usage of Galvanized steel bar:

  Widely used in the area of Hardware, construction, automobile, shipbuilding, petrochemical, machinery, medicine, food, electricity, energy, aerospace, etc.

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