Galvanized steel coil suppliers

  Galvanized steel coil is one of advantageous products we have for exportation,production as well as research since 1998.We are one of biggest suppliers and stock holders for galvanized coils in China.The galvanized steel coils are composed with based steel sheets under hot rolling and cold rolling,and the outside coating of zinc.The outside zinc coating could be adjusted according to different demand and application.The portion of zinc coating is marking by g/m2,like Z60 which means there is 60gram zinc coating on per square meter.The max.coating we can achieve is 500g/m2.

  The application for galvanized steel coils are so various,like building,coating,floor,construction,automobile,household etc.China is biggest consumer for galvanized coils,the same for other developed countries like Brasil,Russia,South Africa,Southeast Asia,,Middles East etc.

  As a supplier for galvanized steel coil in China,we exported more than ten thousand tons of coils to abroad.Recently we had singed a new deal with an old buyer from Brasil,who again orders 158tons coils from us,reading galvanized regular spangle z60 without oil,sizes are 0.4x1220mm,0.47x1220mm,shipping will be done by bulk vessel from China to Brasil,this customer had placed 5 orders till now from us,qty in each order is between 100tons to 200tons,we did well in each order and built a very good business.

Galvanized steel coil suppliers

  Except for galvanized steel coils,we can also produce galvalum steel coils,it is a compound materials with zinc and aluminum mixture alloy steel.It has a better corrosion-resisting than galvanized coils,as the outside coating has 55% aluminum,43.4% zinc and other 1.6% Si to react each other under a 600 degree condition to have a very good protection on the surface to prevent acid,corrosion etc.

  Any inquiries regarding galvanized steel coils or galvalum coils,please write email to,to have a very good price and quality,thanks.

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