Galvanization refers metal, alloy or other material surface layer of zinc plating in order to play beautiful, rust and other effects of surface treatment technology. The method is mainly used in hot-dip galvanizing.  

Zinc soluble in acid, can also be dissolved in alkali, so called amphoteric metal. Zinc hardly changed in dry air. In humid air, the zinc surface will generate a dense basic zinc carbonate film. Containing sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and marine atmosphere, zinc corrosion resistance is poor, especially in the hot and humid atmosphere containing an organic acid, the zinc coating can easily be corroded. Standard electrode potential of zinc is -0.76V, for steel substrate, a zinc coating belong anodic coating, it is mainly used to prevent corrosion of iron and steel, the merits of its relationship with the protective properties of the coating thickness is very big. Zinc coating after passivation, dyeing or coating protective agent, can significantly improve their protective and decorative.

The appearance of smooth, non-zinc tumor, burrs, silvery white. Thickness are controlled within the arbitrary choice 5-107μm. No hydrogen embrittlement, no temperature hazards, can ensure constant mechanical properties of materials. It can replace part of the process required to hot-dip galvanizing. Good corrosion resistance, up to 240 hours of neutral salt spray test. Applications nail, nails, fasteners, water pipe fittings, scaffolding fasteners, Maanshan Iron and Steel wire rope chuck.

Working principle: Sheng galvanized plating bath solution, after cleaning and pre-treatment of special items to be plated as a cathode, an anode made of plated metal poles and DC power supply, respectively positive and negative connection. Galvanized by a compound containing liquid metal plated conductive salts, buffers, pH adjusting agent and additives in aqueous solution composition. Power, galvanizing liquid metal ion, in the role of potential difference to move to the cathode layer. Forming an anode metal ions into the metal galvanizing bath, in order to maintain a concentration of metal ions to be plated in [1]. In some cases, such as chrome, it is the use of an insoluble anode lead, lead-antimony alloy, it is only from the electronic transfer, the role of conducting current. Chromium ions in the electrolyte concentration, need to rely on regularly added to the bath of chromium compounds to maintain. Galvanized, content of the anode material quality, galvanized liquid, temperature, current density, power-on time, stirring intensity, precipitated impurities, will affect the quality of power supply waveform coating, the need for timely control.

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